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            He reached for the handle of the wooden door and opened it for us. While holding the front door, Symphony and I walked right in, and him right after.

            It was amazing~ The most wonderful smells had hit my nose just seconds after making my way inside. It smelt of a mixture of baked delights and brewed coffees and teas. I’ve always loved this part of coming into the café, always makes me so happy!

            The inside of the café was also just so lovely. From the entrance, on the far right was the front counter and bar seating area, covering just about three-fourth of the wall. And passed it, farther into that side of the café was the door to the kitchen and beyond it. Then everywhere else was filled with tables, chairs, and plants. There was, I think, about eighteen tables scattered and comfortably spaced out for seating.

            “Hey there you three!” A waitress said from behind the front counter, which snapped me out of my trance of delicious thoughts. The waitress then said, “Just go ahead and seat yourselves in your regular spots and I’ll be right over to help you guys out”.

    We all happily walked in the direction of our usual spot. Our spot sat on the farther end of the café, away from the front door. Because our spot sat farther away from the door, it was very close to the quarter side of the café that leaned off the cliff-side, but that never worried us because the view was absolutely breathtaking from where we sat, which always made us forget about everything and anything else.

    On the far side, it was only a giant glass wall with nothing on it. It was so perfect. The sun usually sets on that side, right behind the deep forest down below. So, every time this happens, everyone would stop whatever they were doing to just absolutely admire this amazing view. And sitting just a table away from the glass window helped a lot more for gazing at this sight. Also, not to forget, the view of the stars at night were just beautiful.

Dream #5 - Five
Oops, haven't written in a full month! I've been a bit lazy... kinda. 
Oh well, thank you for reading though and sorry for the wait! (if anyone was waiting for it) c: 

Rays of light beamed down on us outside. It was very warm, but not hot. The weather was mellow and nice. It was really, a beautiful day to be out of the house, even though we are going to a place to be inside.

    We, the three of us walked together, side by side along the sidewalk and the street. The sidewalk was actually quite small, fitting two or sometimes only just one person. The neighborhood we were in was also very quiet and peaceful. Trees were placed perfectly where a tree needed to be to fit the scenery. The streets, sidewalk, houses, and everything were just so small, it seemed.

            Reaching the highest part of the hill was our destination. We all looked up at the building. Before getting to the front door, there was a tiny porch covering and shading the front entrance. The front door was wooden and painted white with glass-designed patterns on it. Just the left of it was a lovely and small mailbox. And just above, on the front of the building was its name, “The Timeless Café” in a thin, charming font.

            Facing the street from the front of the café, two roads split off to the left and right, leading to the neighborhood. The café sat on the top of the tall hill with a quarter of it leaning off the side of the hill cliff overlooking a vast, deep forest down below. The café, passed the lovely neighborhood, oddly sat by itself on the top part of the hill with no other buildings near it. Well, honestly, it looked beautiful by itself, like a small, but homey home type of a place, which was actually very impressive, knowing its architecture.

Then we stepped onto the front porch area to get on our way into the café.

Dream #5 - Four
Here's number four.
Anyone reading? Do you like it? It's not much right now for a story, but hopefully it would build to be one :b
It was finally over. This four hour course will be the death of me one day. Sulking and slouching in my chair, I heard a giggle from my left. I glanced over to see his face in mid-giggle, then he suddenly closed a hand over his mouth.

“Ha ha ha, stop laughing at me, just to let you know this is a real problem!” I told him in a straight voice. But right after I said that, he burst out in a full laughing attack.

“Ughh! Stop it! You’re so mean!”

After about a good half a minute, he finally caught himself from laughing anymore. “Oh WOW! I thought I was going to run out of air and die!” He said, while leading against the window behind him. “You know what Yuca, your problem is a problem… for ONLY YOU!” He smirked.

“Whatever, you’ll never understand me!” I said with an angry scrunched-up face and a tongue stuck out.

He smiled and jokingly said, “Yeah, yeah. I never will. Well, since class is out and we don’t have any other class to attend to today, let’s go get Symphony and head to our favorite place!” I just got up out of my desk, threw my bag over my shoulder, looked at him and hmph! Then I walked toward the classroom door.
Sliding the door to the classroom just three doors over from my classroom, I called out “Symphony! Are you ready to go? We’re going to that place.”

Then a medium-height girl with black hair tied to the front right side hopped up.
She smiled and said in a lower voice, but still audible, “I’m just about ready. Is he not with you?” I glanced behind me to see him rushing right out of our classroom. “He’s a snail when it comes to packing up his stuff, you know.” She gave a small giggle and continued packing up.

He appeared at my side just ten seconds later. “You didn’t have to leave me like that.” He pouted. I turned my back to him, just in time to see Symphony come to the door to meet us.

She looked at us and asked “What’s wrong with you two? Ha ha ha, did he make fun of you again?” This time, I pouted “Yeah, but he was extra mean this time!”

Symphony thought of a quick solution. “Why don’t you have him treat you to anything on the menu at that place today?”My eyes gleamed, “You’re brilliant! That would totally make me feel better and forget this whole situation happened!” I spun back to face him with a “pretty please” look.

He sighed, “Fine! With that place offered to Yuca for free food, I will never win. Let’s get a move on then!”
Dream #5 - Three
Dream Continued number three

-Huff- -Huff- -Huff-

           My hands were resting on my knees. I just passed the main gates to school grounds. Boy, I was out of breath. While knelt down, I took a few deep breaths to bring myself back to a neutral, less dying state.

    When seconds pass by, I looked down at my watch. It was 10:05am. OH MAN, I was already late, but five minutes isn’t so much. Any more minutes late might be a problem though. I hopped up from my lowered position and got back into a rushing mode and sped up towards the front doors of the main building.

    I ran pass the information desk just on the left passed the front door. I ran and ran to get to the fourth door on the right where my classroom was. I stopped right outside of the door, caught my breath, and slid the door open very, VERY quietly.

    I look into the classroom. Great! No one turned around to see me, which means I could still get to my seat without anyone noticing that I am a little late. I step into the classroom and turned around to slide it close.

    And once I slid the door close, I heard someone clear their throat very loudly. I realized what it meant and slowly dropped my head to lay on the door and I sluggishly turned around.

    “Oh! How nice of you to join us this morning, Yuca. Again, aren’t you a little late today as every other day?” The teacher spoke from the front of the classroom, by the chalkboard, I looked down and said “Yes yes, good morning teacher.” And then a few snickers escaped from some students.

    I then quickly scrambled to my desk, in the back row, second desk from the window, right next to him. 

Dream #5 - Two
My Dream #5 Story continued - Two


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My name's allison. My friends usually call me allysan or just ally. I love anime and just about everything wonderful about the world. :3

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